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The Kaweah Commonwealth Endorses Crocker for Supervisor

Among the takeaways from my candidacy in the primary for District 1 Supervisor is that Tulare County has tremendous unrealized potential. To achieve that potential we must elect leaders who work tirelessly to understand the issues, solve problems, and be willing to serve the people of Tulare County. During the election campaign forums, owing to the alpha order of our last names, I found myself seated next to a charismatic candidate with a booming voice from Strathmore. That man with the infectious smile, quick wit, and a generous helping of youthful enthusiasm was Kuyler Crocker. The more we became acquainted we realized we had much in common. In Crocker, 29, I saw a lot of myself — that is, in my youth, when I had recently completed my college years, possessed unbounded potential and unbridled curiosity. That’s Kuyler Crocker. He’s at the ideal time in his life to make a career change that currently includes a role in the family farming business while he works as an energy advisor with PG&E. Crocker, when he is elected on November 8, will be right at home in his new job as Tulare County Supervisor for District 1. With roots that run five generations deep in Tulare County, Kuyler Crocker brings to the table a toolkit of people skills, knowledge of the issues, and community service experience. In his leisure time, Kuyler loves to hike these mountains like so many of us who live in the foothills do. He’s an avid student of local history and like our current supervisor, Allen Ishida, is no stranger to the public lands of eastern Tulare County (that extend to the Sierra crest and Mount Whitney) or the management policies of these special places. Raised in the small co

mmunity of Strathmore, Kuyler understands the issues that affect us all. Gangs, rural crime, city budgets stretched to the breaking point, educational shortcomings and, above all, the role that farming plays in Tulare County’s economy. In my 11 years as the District 1 Planning Commissioner, I have learned the critical importance of making intelligent land-use decisions where farming meets the subdivision. Kuyler, through his experience as a Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) alternate, is well versed in these issues too and knows from first-hand experience that the future of Tulare County depends on reliable water and how we deal with the state-mandated Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. What impresses me most about Kuyler is his willingness to listen to the needs of Three Rivers. He understands the role that tourism plays as a job creator and economic engine. Three Rivers residents will have the ear of Supervisor Crocker, and he has pledged to be a partner in the community’s progress. Sarah and I heartily and confidently endorse Kuyler Crocker as our next Tulare County Supervisor for District 1.

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