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"I am Kuyler Crocker and I am seeking the District 1 seat on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors.  As many of you know, serving the community is a passion of mine and I can think of no better way to serve than to run for this elected office."



A primary function of local government is the health and safety

of its citizens. My family has personally experienced crime and I

can assure you that my primary focus will be to make sure that

our budget gives the men and women the tools they need to stop

crime dead in its tracks. We need a broad spectrum approach to

fight crime that includes prevention, investigation and incarceration.


As a graduate of Fresno State, I know how important an educated

workforce is for job creation. Vocational training, specialized

certifications, e.g. healthcare, education and a college degree are
needed to raise our standard of living and create a stable job

market. I am committed to cut the red tape for those existing bus-

inesses that wish to expand and new industries that wish to come

to our county and employ our friends and neighbors.


Agriculture is the backbone of our county.  Fighting for more water

storage and leading the charge against environmental extremism is necessary for our survival.  As a great great grandson of a 5th generation family farm, I take it personal. I will takeon Sacramento and Washington and fight policies that attack the family farm and make sure the voices of our county are heard loud and clear.




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